What do these Symbols mean?

You may see these symbols around the school or on our school site - no matter what your level of language or reading, everybody should have fair and equal access to information. At Fiveways School we use Symbols provided by "Widgit Software" to aid communcation with our pupils.

Widgit Literacy Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2008 - - PCS Symobls (c) Mayer Johnson LLC


Welcome Visitor

At Fiveways School the safety of our students is paramount so we kindly ask all visitors to:

  • Report to the main office and sign in (please include vehicle registration)
  • Wear a green visitors badge - highlighting your visitor status
  • Hand in your mobile phone and place it into one of the lockers (key on visitor badge) or you have the option to keep your phone in your car.

If you are attending training at our Training Centre:

  • Please follow the signs towards the back of the school for parking.
  • Sign in the visitors book.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to Fiveways

A place where learning is fun and where children make amazing progress.  Everyone has different priorities, and all are equally valued

Communication and Interaction

As communication and interaction specialists we believe communication should be at the very heart of the educational process.  

Teaching School

We are proud to be one of the first Special Teaching schools.  We support a wide range of training for staff, parents and Governors.

Eye Gaze Technology

These high tech devices were designed to enable people with severe access difficulties to communicate using their eyes, to control the computer and their environment.

A Specialist environment

Our multisensory hydrotherapy pool offers a supportive environment to develop a confidence and enjoyment of water.


All aspects of Fiveways School life should be inclusive, recognising all pupils as individuals with individual needs.’


Click on our video.  We want to tell you about our school in many different ways.  We hope you enjoy this clip as much as everyone at Fiveways enjoyed making it!
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