Assessment Recording & Reporting 

We want to be able to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate pupil's and student's achievements and experiences within the curriculum which forms the basis for learning our pupils enjoy during their time at Fiveways School.

There is an important link between assessment and curriculum planning and implementation. Assessment provides the basis for acknowledging pupil's and student's progress and achievement within the curriculum, and enables teachers to plan future learning. 

Assessment enables us to record pupil's and student's experiences, developing knowledge and skills, and then use this assessment to report for a range of purposes and to different audiences eg:parents, to Governors and to the local authority.


Personal Learning Goals

In brief two main forms of assessment are carried out

  1. 'Formative' assessment is carried out by teaching staff throughout the year in the form of ongoing assessment from a variety of sources including lesson observations, evaluations and individual pupil/student sessions. Ongoing evaluations of their progress are made in relation to areas of the curriculum as detailed within their Personalised Learning Goals (PLGs). This formative assessment makes teaching more effective demonstrating progression and continuity and enabling next steps to be planned. 
  2. 'Summative' assessment is carried out at fixed points in the school year, towards the end of each term using a range of assessment tools in order to assess pupil achievement. Statutory assessment requirement for each key stage are published by the Dfe and he school complies with all these requirements.

(for more detail please refer to our Assessment, Recording & Reporting Policy in the Important Documents section of this website)
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