Community Inclusion Project

As a school we are committed to our Community Inclusion Project. This provides a programme of after school clubs that are open to all our young people. These clubs are a great opportunity for children to explore new activities and spend some quality time enjoying some of the facilities we have at the school.

We are immensely proud of our team of Community Inclusion Workers who help support the children. Every member of the team knows the children through their work at Fiveways School and their knowledge and experience is invaluable in delivering a fun and safe environment.

Inclusion is very important to us and at the beginning of each academic year we ask all our parents and carers whether their child will be able to attend any of our clubs. This helps us plan our resources to ensure we always have more than enough staff for our children. However, we welcome children who wish to join a club at any time and positively encourage their inclusion.

In excess of 20 of our young people currently enjoy our after school clubs on a regular basis. The Wednesday Fan Club is jointly run with Social Services supported by Somerset Supporters.


After school clubs

Monday - Outdoors Club at school

Wednesday - Fan Club at School (Fortnightly). 

Thursday - Sports/ Social Club at School

Holiday Clubs

Fiveways School works as part of a Partnership with Social Care Disabilities Team, Yeovil Opportunity Group and Fairmead School to provide holiday activity days. This is known as the ‘Yeovil Inclusive Network’.  

We support over 30 children during the school holidays by running activities e.g partnership activity days, forest school and social days (cinema, bowling or even going to the Zoo!).


If you think your child would benifit in taking part in any of these activities or have ideas for a new club please feel free to contact the following:

Chris Pennick: Community Inclusion Facilitator (after school clubs)

Ed Pryce: Community Inclusion Facilitator (holiday clubs)

Zeta Margetts: Community Inclusion Facilitator (holiday clubs)


Stephen Coles: Partnership Leader (holiday clubs)

01935 476227