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Inclusion Programme

Fiveways School is a fully inclusive setting where all pupils work within mixed ability classes with a full and equal access to the curriculum.

Successful and meaningful inclusion is, we believe, a rich and rewarding experience for all and to that effect we have established and developed an Inclusion Programme which fully supports equal opportunities and values diversity.

Among its six models of inclusion, the programme offer opportunities for pupils to regularly access mainstream settings local to where they live. Pupils with mainstream placements are fully included in lessons, activities and social times with their mainstream peers where interaction and opportunities for making new friendships and relationships are positively encouraged.   Placements can be for up to one whole day each week or for particular subjects and activities.

Equally, we provide opportunities for pupils and students from local schools and colleges to access our classes.

Dual placements are arranged for some pupils in which they spend more than one day at another school. These more formal arrangements and usually follow recommendations made at Education and Health Care Plan review meetings.

For some pupils, mainstream placements may not be appropriate but they will always have opportunities to mix or work with pupils from local schools or special settings through a programme of shared events over the year.

Outside of the school day and during the holidays, we also provide inclusive experiences and activities as part of our Community Inclusion Project where a wide range of after school activities can be accessed by individuals and local groups.

If you are interested in your child having an inclusion or dual placement or you wish to receive further information about Fiveways Inclusion Programme, please contact Ian Baker, our Inclusion Support Teacher.

Mission Statement 

by the Staff and Governors of Fiveways School

‘We believe that all aspects of Fiveways School life should be inclusive,

recognising all pupils as individuals with individual needs.

We will provide inclusive experiences that are meaningful to each pupil and recognise varying learning styles and abilities to enable all our pupils to be valued members of the community.’

Inclusion Policy
Inclusion Brochure
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