Parental Contributions

Healthy Tuck –

A wide range of healthy fruit & vegetables are provided after morning break. As part of the ‘School Fruit & Vegetables Scheme’ (visit NHS Choices) pupils in GEMS, BUTTONS and PEBBLES are entitled to a free piece of fruit each day. For older pupils there is a cost of: 15p per day/ 75p per week – Invoiced termly.

School Mini Bus –

To enable transport for pupils to access a wide variety of educational, fun activities & events we ask for a contribution towards our mini bus running costs. Cost: 75p a week – Invoiced termly. 

Cookery –

Pupils cook a wide variety of recipes, some of which are taken home for them to share with their family. We ask for a contribution towards the cost of ingredients.  Cost: 75p per week – Invoiced termly. Gems Class – contributions are requested for sensory items. 

The above payment contributions are voluntary, however, we feel these enrichments offer good value for money. If you are having difficulties in paying these costs and would like to discuss any concerns please contact the Headteacher.


Swimming –

Charges for pupils swimming at Goldenstones. The charge covers the entry fee & tuition by a qualified instructor. Cost: £1.95 per week – Invoiced half termly (Credits are carried forward if a child does not swim). 


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