At Fiveways we wear dark green jumpers, white shirts and grey/black trousers. We request that children wear appropriate footwear and are dressed correctly each day.

Information for purchasing our school uniform:

Azure Logo Embroidery are the providers of our school uniform. Sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans and P.E bags are available. All items are either printed or embroidered with the Fiveways school logo.

Please contact Azure direct to place your order.

Telephone: 01305251659
Fax: 01305 251779
Email: info@azurelogo.co.uk
Web: http://schools.kitup.uk/page/school-uniform/fiveways-school

Or by completing this form and sending it by Post to: Azure Logo Embroidery, Azure Limited, Unit 10, Herrinston Barn, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9PU.

Please ensure all items of your child’s clothing (including underwear,coats & hats etc.) and belongings (bags & water bottles etc) are clearly labelled. Please check periodically that labels remain clear as names often fade with continual washing. 

Uniform Form

01935 476227