Reports and Review Process

Meeting with Parents to Discuss Their Child’s Progress


The purpose of the annual review is to make sure that at least once a year parents, the pupil, the LEA (Local Education Authority), the school and all the professionals involved monitor and evaluate the continued effectiveness and relevance of the provision set out in the EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).

This meeting will provide a forum to discuss pupils' progress and celebrate achievements.

The annual report will be discussed and the learning priorities, strategies for parents and teaching staff negotiated and finalised.

The pupil's EHCP will be reviewed (the EHCP will have been re-read by those attending prior to the review meeting.)


ii) PERSON CENTRED REVIEW MEETING (Transition planning)

In Year 8 and above, PCR (Person Centred Reviews) take place annually instead of annual reviews.  They are a format that has the young person at the centre of the whole meeting and look very carefully at what is required to help the young person achieve the maximum from their future taking into account their likes/dislikes, needs and other requirements.  This process has a facilitator and involves more input from the Communication & Interaction Team, Teaching Assistants, peers, family members and others that the young person may like to invite to their review. The young person will have an increasing role in these meetings as they progress through the school and the information gathered will be used to shape their future.
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